Singapore Airport is wonderful and they have everything there to encourage you to spend your time at the airport - swimming pool, cinema, computers free for use, hairdresser, hotel, lots of shops and plenty to look at - fishponds with koi, butterfly garden and cactus garden and more.

We hadn't got much sleep on the plane from Dubai and Iain has always wanted to visit the Orchid Gardens in Singapore so we slowly made our way through the airport, had some breakfast and then got a taxi to the gardens. The humidity and heat 'knocked us for six' and none of us felt comfortable in it, so we did a lap around the gardens and then got a taxi back to the airport. The Gardens are lovely.

We ended up taking a room at the hotel, the minimum time is for 6 hours so we slept for most of that time and then had a shower and felt so much better afterwards. Our flight was still another 4 hours away so we enjoyed wandering around the shops and then watching TV until it was time to board.

At Adelaide Airport we had the most thorough customs check that we had experienced throughout all the countries we had visited. It's good to know that they are 'on the ball'.

Our welcoming committee - Stephen, James and Samuel thought we must be having a 'crevice check', thank goodness we didn't have to go to that extent.

(photos have now been added to the post about Dubai)

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